One of Each Stat Tra

7.50 USD

This gives you one of all trackers. This package includes the following:

  1. 1x Arrows Shot (bows, crossbows)
  2. 1x Blocks Broken (any)
  3. 1x Bosses Killed (any)
  4. 1x Damage Blocked (shields)
  5. 1x Damage Dealt (any)
  6. 1x Damage Taken (armor)
  7. 1x Distance Flown (elytra)
  8. 1x Distance Sneaked (boots)
  9. 1x Distance Sprinted (boots)
  10. 1x Distance Travelled (boots)
  11. 1x Experience Absorbed (armor)
  12. 1x Headshots (bows, crossbows)
  13. 1x Item Damage (any)
  14. 1x Mobs Killed (any)
  15. 1x Players Killed (any)
  16. 1x Times Jumped (boots)
  17. 1x Criticals Dealt (any)
  18. 1x Distance Jumped (boots)